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A Nanny for Harry (Kindle Edition) by Sylvia Mulholland ARC Book Review

Hello, Bookworms,
how are you doing? I am good, procrastinating to read my arcs and I am reading vampire novels. I have a schedule though as long as I stick to it then everything will be ok. 
Anyway, let's get down to this book. Well, while I was reading I had a lot of emotion riding my brain and I didn't know how to properly review this book. I mean it was a bloody roller-coaster of emotions. 
So, this book talks about Kali a lawyer that is pregnant with her husbands baby of course and he is doing his residency as a surgeon. 
That's at the begging of the book as soon as I read it I was like sheeeeeeeeeee-it what a bad combination. ( Don't get me wrong two high profile jobs that need a lot of hours in with a marriage and a baby that's tough) 
Anyway, they get a nanny Britta and then where the problem starts. Kali starting to get jealous Matt(her husband) telling her she is getting paranoid and she wants to destroy the marriage.

I was like Ha! you are guilty Matt y…
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Ellen by Coral McCallum ARC Book Review

Hello, Bookworms,
I have been reading a few books lately and the reviews are up on Goodreads and Amazon for those books I will transfer those here petty soon if you don't follow me on on Goodreads, please be my friend there if you want to it's the same name as the blog. 
Anyway, back to the review of this book. I will like to separate this review into parts.  Part one Gerne Part two contents 

Part one: When I was contacted by the author I was pitched that this book is a romance first and also following Ellens story after the accident she had. So she got severely burnt lost an arm and her lungs got scorched. Pretty gruesome right? Yes right, also after what 5 years she manages to get back on her feet and join the band afterlife. So far so good, so incidents happen with the band from the gecko and she explains what happens to them. Awesome! that's good as well so it's leading as in a nice way. Anyway, we dive into the world of the band pretty straight away.  That's it.…

Cast No Shadow: A Short Story by Brandon Dragan ARC Review

Hello, Bookworms,

I got my mojo back like I am reading a little faster and I can bring you more reviews in this space.

Before I get into this review I would like to say how awesome it is that authors trust me with their books so I can do an honest review I have to say sometimes don't do them as fast as I wanted, but you know life can get hectic.

Anyway, this book is a short story about a guy that shows us his life and what he chose to do after the war. I loved that it was easy to read and interesting as well. I was keeping expecting the main character to turn into John Wick or Taken and have the phrase I will find you and I will kill you. I mean the whole feeling of the book was kinda like that, but I got so surprised by the ending that I was like WHAT????? I mean the hints were there all along but chose not to see them.

The writing of the book was great, interesting, not tiring and to the point. Love a story when it involves very naturally and doesn't repeat. Also, I loved t…

Blackheath (The Blackheath Witches #1) by Gabriella Lepore Book Review

Hello Book addicts,

So I little history for this book, I bought it like a year ago because it seemed cool I read the tagline if you like secret circle sweep etc this is the book for you.  So I was like cool I will get that.

So I was reading another book and I got bored of it so I took a tiny break and read this book for a pick me up let's get back in the game.

Well, did I like this book?

Yes, I did like it. In fact, I got super excited because the main witches weren't women but male! Yay for that like finally; it is great to read a book where the circumstances are different.

All those weird vibes from the characters of the book made want to read it even more. I like that the author put some different details that you normally get with kinda books, I won't kiss and tell my dear readers because gonna mess the fun of this book.

I would have liked more exploration of the powers from the brothers more not just implying on them. Like more spell work. Also, the girl needed a lit…

Our Frail Disordered Lives by Mary M. Schmidt ARC Book Review

Hello, Bookworms,
I come with an interesting book here.  I was approached by the author to do a review of this horror book. So I did go into thinking it was going to a tradition horror book. But soon I was proved to be wrong.  For starters, I would like to say that I did not get scared or spooked; maybe a good thing for some but I was looking for some spookiness. Saying that my tolerance on getting scared is big( sort of).  I loved the characters, all of them even if I wanted to go into the book and punch some of them. I know very dramatic, but you know a book is good when you are so invested in the characters that you want to be part of it too. 
One thing, I want to say that I would have liked to see more is Lucifer and his minions, of course, more of the almighty Roach the demon that does all those things. I was fascinated by that side of the book and I felt I wanted more. Other than that loved that we had a variety of characters and their story arcs. 
I mean the human part they go…

#IFASummerChallenge Here is an exciting challenge my friends

Hello Book Gang,
I know I have been absent for a while I am afraid I hit the bottom floor with things to do. I lost all my inspiration to read, but know I am getting back on track. So I was asked if I would host this challenge into my blog and since I am a big fantasy fan I thought why not and I can suggest one of my favorite books to read.  Some free some not I try to put both in for all you book hoarders. 

#IFASummerChallenge Details:
The purpose of this is just to have fun and discover more amazing indie fantasy
authors! We are going to make this simple. There is no set reading list. Audiobooks also apply. Read whatever you want as long as it’s indie fantasy.

All you have to do is post what you're reading and your thoughts on the   book (without spoilers!) so the rest of us can discover more amazing   adventures!
The Challenge will go until September 20, 2018—last day of summer! We will be doing a
tiered winning system since not all readers read at the same   rate. Eg. A tier for the wi…

Bane (Sinners of Saint #4) by L.J. Shen Book Review

I was waiting for this book for ages and when it came out I resist like 20 days to buy it! I caved and oh boiii what it good!
I'd like to start that this book is by far my favourite! I loved the fact that it was so real ( I feel like I say that every time with her books I know so original) emotionally that is because the situation that Jesse was in was pretty shitty and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.  
I loved the banter and the sauciness of their affair. I might add made me feel like a teenager reliving groping and dry humping.  I am the anticipation is much sexier and builds to explosive awesomeness.   so yes it was good!  As far as the story goes it unfolded pretty great and the characters were ok too. I mean I get annoyed with asshole parents but someone has to play the part of a villain so the story can progress. 
Also would like to mention this book especially gave the world of Todos Santos ground to grow. The other books focus on other locations but here we see how th…
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