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Shadow Eyes (Shadow Eyes, #1) by Dusty Crabtree ARC Book Review

Hello, Bookworms,

How are you guys doing? How is your reading goal doing? I am going A-Okay with it. Going strong because I can't deal with reality so much now that I am reading to go to places. And OH- the places I have been.

Anyway, I should get on with the review.

First of all look at that cover, compelling right? I was really intrigued by the cover it was part of saying yes, shows you how important the graphics are on a book. It plays a big role first impressions and all.  So the book is about a girl can see black and white shadows. The black shadows are like negative feelings and bad things happen when they are around. And the white shadows is this positivity that shows the "light" in the situation. Iris( the main girl) she is afraid of them but learned how to live with them all around her.

It reminded me the book Fallen by Lauren Kate with the shadows and the misfit girl and all.

Also both very slow books.

Although the story was very compelling it felt after a wh…
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