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Hearts Abroad (The Atlas Series #1) by Skye McNeil ARC Book Review

Hello, Bookworms, A new layout of the blog, a new way to try and manage it. I love working with authors and arcs because it gives the opportunity to find new books and genres to discover and love. It can get a bit overwhelming at times that someone is choosing the book for me, but easy if you know what I mean. Definitely not complaining because I can always say no to this authors. I would love to do this full time and read professionally but unfortunately, it's not possible so it has to stay my passion forever and keep going at it.  Anyway here is my review of the book:
v                                                                   My Rating:
Well, I would like to start saying that is a swoon-worthy romance, made my heart swell with romance and love and cuteness.  The whole atmosphere was epic with family vibes and romance for days. The flirting was a slow burn that reminded me how is to flirt non stop with the one you have the googly eyes for. Also for once, the novel didn&#…
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