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"A watched pot" by Mr. Blue || Book Review


This short story was sent to me by the author, Mr. Blue, and I was requested to do an honest review about it. I'm very happy and excited because this was my first collaboration for this blog, I really enjoyed the whole procedure and I hope to do it again soon.
This book is a short read thriller about Graham, a desperate husband, and his much too annoying wife Cressida. Graham seems to have had enough of his wife's (and her friends') conceited (and deceitful, maybe?) behavior and crazy ideas seem to go through his mind. I really enjoyed this little journey. I loved the writing, it was really good. The plot is interesting, it keeps your attention and you can't stop reading. The writer can create some very vivid images and can really convey the feeling of the scene. Some of the descriptions made my hair stand on end and I felt like anything could happen at any moment. Like Graham could snap at any moment and do something…
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