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Twice Taken: An MFM Romance by Chloe Lane Book Review

I have read her book before and I always planned to do a review on them, but always forgot it. Well, I am starting with this New Adult book. 

Chloe Lane does a good job depicting this sexy MFM novel. It has a lot of sexy scenes and every day loving moments that makes the novel more precious and sweet. There is some suspense as well which is always a nice aspect of putting in a novel.

I would definitely recommend it! It is an easy read with lots of bedroom action if you ar into this then go ahead and get this book. 

I volunteered to read an ARC

The Beast Within: A Tale of Beauty's Prince (Villains) by Serena Valentino

I love the beauty and the beast story ...

I went to this book thinking it would be cool to see behind the scenes with the beast, but I am sorry to say this I was disappointed. The story was lacking some juice, it was too dry...

I mean 60% of the book was the beast complaining about everything and I think that he got cursed for no reason... Like seriously back then no one really got married for love but for money and power.

Those witches were mean for no reason!

I wouldn't suggest the book to anyone, but if you are like me that read it out of curiously go ahead read it. Do not go through thinking it's a good book.

Ride Me Dirty by Parker Grey

Cowboys are hot! Especially with the description, Parker Grey gives. (Don't look the cover get your own feel for the character)

You know guys by now that I like her books so I wouldn't suggest otherwise. Except if the book was meh, then I definitely would say don't read it.

In this case was hot, steamy and had a happily ever after.

I mean hot cowboy you wouldn't say no, would you?

I know I wouldn't.

So grab your copy and cozy up for the holidays with this steamy romance.

Academia of the Beast: A Dark Retelling of Beauty and the Beast by K.N. Lee Book Review

I feel betrayed, excited, and confused. 

Yup, all those things together, I went into this book thinking it will be a fantasy (which it was, but it was also a bit new adult) Nothing wrong with the above. I was prepared to swept away by this dark retelling, and I was just lifted.
I was expecting more VA VA VOOM. I didn't get any. The story was good; I think it needs some elaboration. The element was there, but not character or world development and when you had it some excitement happening it finished in a paragraph.
So I don't know if I were to suggest it for you guys to read it.

I mean I did pre-order the next book in the series because I needed to see if it's going to be better. It was an easy read, I finished in a day. SO if you are a fun of beauty and the beast then maybe give it a go. Don't except to swept away, just lifted by a light breeze.

Abandoned by Elisa Dane Book Review

I really enjoyed this book. It wasn't the typical YA book. It was little darker and maybe it could have been a reality to someone.

The characters were well put together and the story progressed nicely. It took long to read the book because I wanted to enjoy it and read all the events rather than be a blur.

The heroine was bad-ass , I love strong female characters in books. The things she been through oh my god I felt sorry for her. I was praying with her for someone to save her.

This book got me hooked. I would defiantly recommend it.

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