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Hi everyone,
I haven’t read the “true blood” series or the real name is Sookie Stackhouse novels. So I thought I give it a crack. Yes, I know I am deviating from my original list, but when a book calls to you-you just read it!
Well, I have seen the series and everyone has been saying to me how different the books are and has a lot more meaning to them. So I read the first book. In process reading it, I was trying to remember the series and try to link the moments to the tv. I recommend for no one to do this because it’s actually different.
The book itself it’s interesting for a vampire novel. The plot was centered by the heroine Sookie which was a simple gal that had mind reading abilities and she was trying to hide them. She meets this mysterious Vampire and they get together because she can find peaceful moments with him because she can’t read his mind.
So far so good right? Nope, the novel is actually interesting because a lot of things happen during this time. The fun fact is that the messed up characters are humans, OH the irony!!!
In my deeply opinion is worth reading because it keeps you want to read more, it goes fast and for a  bonus, it talks about some issues in modern society that we wouldn’t just talk.
It’s simple, but yet interesting, it has sex, romance, suspense, drama, racism and other human qualities that we try to hide! So go ahead and read it and tell if you liked it or not.
What should I read next?
Although I am reading the second book of this series please go ahead and suggest something spicy I can write about!

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