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Tatatadan ( dramatic drum roll)
Hi everyone,
I went to the library and got this book because I thought that the title is so bad that had to be good. Well, I don’t know how to review this! Because I want to write my opinion as woman reading these stories.  So here it goes:
First of all, why erotica books have to be insulting to women? Like why the women in those books have to be abused or whored for the men’s benefit? Is this appealing to women? Or is it just me that I feel disgusted? For the sake of it, I read the book because it was the case of the book. The woman in this book was used for a man’s benefit.
Of course, there is always this savior that saves her with sex and “affection”. There always sacrifices that both make, but the end is happily ever after. I love reading these kind of books, but I try not read books that mistreat women. In this case, I wanted to finish the book because I felt I had to write about it.
So, the first half of the book it’s bad, I wanted to stop reading. As I continued though it started to be nicer and by saying nicer I mean stop using the woman as an object and more like a person.  The plot was the same as other erotica books, men meet’s woman. Man fights for woman, lots sex in between  and then the happy ending.
If you like reading these kind of books then it’s the right one for you!
Anyway, my list is getting bigger by the day and I keep reading other books than the one I suppose too. So bare with me because sometimes I read books like that!
I hope you enjoyed my rant, oh wait, my review😛
I am having one soon because I finished another book🙂


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