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Reflected in you (#2 Crossfire) by Sylvia day

Reflected in you by Sylvia day
Reflected in you is the second novel of the crossfire series, where we see the past of Eva following her and everyone tries to keep her safe, but who will win? ( ha now got your attention didn’t I? NO SPOILERS, though)
In this book, secrets keep piling up.Will Eva and Gideon survive? My answer is yes, the sex is powerful and since they are completely hooked with each other this is the only way.
We see how far they can go for love especially Gideon goes on extreme to save Eva.
Will they overcome the difficulties?
The answer is yes there 5 books with these two! Come on, it’s no brainer.
Anyway in this book you will see sex, sex, sex, and more secrets. The plot becomes a little more “complicated”, so it’s worth reading to see how the “relationship” is going.
Ps. This book is simple nothing special; if you are on holidays or you want to read a no brainer is perfect!