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In New Salem, there is a coven of witches and when cassie arrived the town unfortunate events happen she joins the Circle. 

This book is more mean girls than witchy! 
I remember watching the tv show and I was thrilled and one my friends said to me the book is so much better. So, after five years or so I decided that I will read the books. Obviously, since then I have read many books and my taste has advanced. When I say advanced, I mean if is about witches I expect to be witchy and not wait for the last twenty pages to do some spell. 
Well, it has the recipe pack for success though: 
1. forbidden love
2. mean girls
3. the savior
4. the secret power that is not discovered yet. 
I will be reading the whole series because the first book finished abruptly and I need to know what's happening; so I can tell you all if it's worth reading as a complete series. The first book was more like an introduction to the world of New Salem and the Circle. Let's see what the other books has got to offer.