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Sweep: Volume 1 (Sweep #1-3) by Cate Tiernan Book Review

 This book is similar to the secret circle, but not at the same time. It has the same concept but more realistic with the life of a teenager. I mean there house rules and parents do exist! I know right weird!

Anyway, I can't say anything bad about this book I loved it I mean I loved all three of them.

The reason I am reviewing all three together is because I read them so fast and the events are kind mashed together and don't remember when the first book ended and when the second started.

I mean the book had everything drama, friendships, loves adventure, bad people, people with secrets and above all magic.

As I said before you can't go wrong with teenage witches.

So I do suggest this books series because it's fun fast read.

I promise I will do single reviews for the next ones and more detailed.

Le Book:

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