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Double Dirty Royals by Parker Grey Book Review

Like who wouldn't like MFM romance with princes!!!  I was like YUSSSSS give some royal sugar... And what sugar! Hmmm like, will turn your fantasies wild. Also, I really liked that this book had some suspense into it not just hot sex. It makes the combination even better. 
You know by now that I love Parker Grey her book are good. So give it a go alone at home with a glass of wine. 
I voluntarily received a review copy of this book for a review.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber Book Review

Hi Y'all,

So when I went and read this book, I had such high expectations. Where they met, though?
Yes and no is the answer, my friends. I got excited about some parts and others I felt that I wanted more. 

Let's talk about the world: I loved the way it was described, in my mind I imagined Venice, with all the water canals and crazy alleys; the book was like that or unlist it felt like it. 
The characters: I wanted something more from them. I felt some were one dimensional and they didn't have a backstory or even strong personality. 
Overall: I would love if the story were more involved than it already is. I felt it needed something more. Maybe more of the story, more adventure. Yes, definitely more adventure and magic. 
I guess I loved the world so much that when the end came, I was disappointed. Hopefully, the second book is going to be more magic and more adventurous. 
Here is the book:(affiliate link)…

Double Dirty Mountain Men by Parker Grey Book Review

Phew Parker Grey has outdone herself. I mean I love her books and this time made my heart melt with these three characters. It takes talent to talk about love triangles without being awkward about it. The Romance was flying off the moon, and when they getting down sexy time was even sexier, hotter than her any previous novels.

Get ready to read a romance novel that is going to make your afternoon warm and a lot more. If you liked any of her books before then you going to love this. Double the sexy, double the romance.

"I voluntarily reviewed a free advance copy of this book."
(Ps. It didn't affect my judgment from getting a free copy, I simply loved it)
  (affiliate link) Here is the book:

School Me Dirty: A College Romance by Parker Grey Book Review

I love when I discover a writer that is spot on with their writing.
I totally fangirl with Parker Grey. Her romance novels are full of spice and a lot of cheese.

She turns fantasies into even bigger ones. Who wouldn't want to fall in love and have an affair with their hot professor. It takes skill to make those taboo relationships to something romantic without leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

I gotta say though peps that the scenes there were whoah, like hot rain falling down your cheeks.
It's an easy read that will warm up your afternoon or night or day whenever you want t read it.
Here is my affiliate link if you guys want to buy it. I get a small percent to of that. It would really help if you used my link. Thanks

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