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Caraval by Stephanie Garber Book Review

Hi Y'all,

So when I went and read this book, I had such high expectations. Where they met, though?

Yes and no is the answer, my friends. I got excited about some parts and others I felt that I wanted more. 

Let's talk about the world: I loved the way it was described, in my mind I imagined Venice, with all the water canals and crazy alleys; the book was like that or unlist it felt like it. 

The characters: I wanted something more from them. I felt some were one dimensional and they didn't have a backstory or even strong personality. 

Overall: I would love if the story were more involved than it already is. I felt it needed something more. Maybe more of the story, more adventure. Yes, definitely more adventure and magic. 

I guess I loved the world so much that when the end came, I was disappointed. Hopefully, the second book is going to be more magic and more adventurous. 

Here is the book:(affiliate link) 


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