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A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses #3) by Sarah J. Maas Book Review

Hi Y'all,
I was waiting for this book since August. The end of ACOMAF made me bleed from the inside and I had to wait for half a year. Now that I have read it I am sad because the story has ended. 
It is a spoiler-free review so I am going to try not spoil anything.
I never giggled and cried so much in my life. The book was full of emotions and action.
I do not like was kinda books or movies, but this book is the exception. 
The characters developed even more and we got to read a little more about them and get emersed in their wonderful stories. The dialogue was witty and engaging. The 3 parts of the books were amazing.
I mean I can't say too much otherwise I am going to spill some spoilers.  I think my favorite part was the beginning of the book and the war part.
I loved the war because the way it was written I felt I was in there but not as a character but as a camera. I know weird, but the writing was so cinematic it was hard not imagine as a billion multi-production.
So I…

Will Game for Cookies (For the Win #1) by Allyson Lindt Book Review

Hi Y'all,
So I do pretty positive reviews normally, but today is not the case.
Well, the book made feel accomptable because of the characters and not the sexy scenes. 
For me when an author introduces guild or doing things to get back at people makes me feel awkward.
The story line was different from normal new adult books, but to be honest didn't do it for me. 
Only because I didn't feel good reading it. 
You might like it I don't know. You can give it a try,

Quick Trick (Rough Riders Hockey #1) by Skye Jordan Book Review

Hi Y'all,

To be honest I bought this book because of the cover!

Yup, I did, like look at that guy! and the I looked at the title and then it was a double yes!!!

Well, this book surprised me for the best!
It is a romance novel so you will get that predominantly. I love in a romance novel when the girl is a strong female character and doesn't fall for the guy straight away.

This book was like watching a very cute chick flick!
I mean I love those so I relly enjoyed the book.

I would recommend the book if you love romance because that book gives that !

Filthy Flirt: An Office Romance by Chloe Lane Book Review

Hi Y'all
I have to say I love her books not only they are positively hot, full of romance and happy endings.
Don't we all love to watch lawyer tv series that they get to do their magic and have some spark? Well, this is the book has all of that plus the spark is melting hot!!
I enjoy new adult books that are written in a sweet way that doesn't make you feel weird. This book got me immersed into their romance.
I do recommend it if you are into those books. It fast, easy, cheesy and hot with sexy scenes. 

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