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True Witch (Amber Lee #1) by Katerina Martinez Book Review

Hi Y'all,

well, I have a book buying problem, especially when the title contains "witch" I am always like "gahhhh I have to buy it!!!!" 
Till I got a ban from buying books till I read my TBR pile so obviously this book was on my TBR pile! 

This book is remastered and changed to fit the series as I understand it is also a debut novel. 

To be honest I didn't expect too much of it! Surprisingly though it was not too bad. 
It had a lot of elements romance, friendship, magick which is good, but I felt the focus was more of romance ( it had a few sex scenes which I am always heck yeah!!!) I would want more evolvement to magical things. I mean I read a lot of witch novels so I am always comparing. 
This books not too bad for a debut novel. It got me hooked and the story for appealing I just wanted more of it.  So hopefully the second book gives us more of a back story of what a "true witch" is.

read it or not (affiliate link ) I would keep posting reviews till someone says yusss the book you suggested was brilliant.  

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