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Sold: An MFMM Menage Romance by Kara Owen Book Review

When I received this book I was like yusss I am in the mood to read New Adult. I was surprised at first wait three men? Woohoo, that is going to be interesting.  Well, it is a short story, so do not except the biggest plot! I read it like in couple hours? Like the first scene of the book had me blushing and saying OH MA GAHD. This book wasn't a bad read the only thing I would say it gimme more Woman don't leave hanging like that!  I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Here is the book( it's cheap right go ahead buy it) 

When In Rome...Lose Control (When In Rome) by Lena Mae Hill Book Review

I willingly received a copy of this book from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my thoughts and opinion of this book.

I do not usually read young adult contemporary romance. In this case, I received an email from this author if I wanted to go on her reviewer list and I was like YUSSSS ...  So I received this book and a two more to review I lost the sequence I wasn't sure which one was supposed to go first so here I am doing whatever I think is in the correct order. 
Reading this book made me feel like a bloody teenager again. The writing was spot on with the characters I was transported to Rome with them. I mean at some point I wanted to kill the main character because she bothered me so much, but I took a step back thought how paranoid I was and what stupid things I have done in that age! 
After accepting that she is annoying as hell you actually accept the character as is.  I enjoyed the book not only for the story but the character …

A Moment for Tara (Prime Prophecy 0.5) by Tamar Sloan Book Review

Cheesy werewolf story without werewolf action?
This book is an introduction to the series? I felt it was lacking character development and action. I felt it was really rushed the focus was on her relationship with her "love interest" and how her father's pack work, but the book didn't give me enough of a story or something get hooked on. I was a little bored. 
I am sorry, the characters were lacking, the story didn't develope enough for us to get immersed into the universe. It was meh!  You can try it it's free! 

Magic Bound (The Hybrid Trilogy #1) by G.K. DeRosa Book Review

You all know by now that I love witchy books! I am on a witch hunt :P ( books obviously)  When I bought this book  I didn't expect to be so paranormal? It was a good suprise it started slowly and then as it went you were just sucked in the story! I mean it had vampires, werewolves, werebears, witches fairies whats, not to like?
It had all kind of supernaturals in it! I loved the story and the characters although some of them were a little predictable. If you like those sort of stuff I would totally suggest this book because it had all the elements you need in a book with supernaturals! 
I'll stop because I'll spoil something and we wouldn't want that! 
here is the book! (affiliate link) 
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