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Roar (Stormheart #1) by Cora Carmack Book Review

Yes, I have caved and read the book!
I got it on a subscription box from Fairyloot.
Alright, let's get into the review! 

Well, I didn't like it that much! I almost DNF it in the first 60 pages, but for the sake of my readers, I powered through it. 
Let's start with the idea of the story :
The idea was awesome like it was the reason I wanted to read this book, but why would you focus on the romance side?

I get it Young Adult has some romance into it, but this romance was plain wrong. It was dodgy people. I won't get into that because I spent days writing. 

It had like 4 points of perspective like did the author run out to write things and was switching all the time?

It was confusing and took away from the story. I wish the world building was more elaborate. 
The story was slow because they were focusing on the romance side, get to the action. 

Above all, I hate weak female leading characters, especially when the actual writer is a woman. Like come on can we get a strong female character and that is bad ass.

I feel if  Rora's trainer wasn't the overprotective dude that she had a crush on the story would move way faster and get some more action. 

What saved this book was the last 60 pages like finally getting to the story! Don't stretch a book because you want to make it into a series. 

Yeah, the sexual tension wasn't necessary it gave me a creepy vibe and took away from the story. 

Here is the book ( affiliate link) try it if you are not convinced from my review. If you have already read it I would love to hear what you thought in the comments below. 


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