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Moon Magic (Clearwater Witches #4) by Madeline Freeman Book Review

I remember reading the first 3 books and really liking it. I also stopped because I felt the story could have ended there which sort of did. But after a few months, I wanted to read a witchy novel so I went and bought the fourth installment of the series. 

I was so confused when reading this book. I couldn't remember and I couldn't connect the new characters from the previous books. I so didn't want to go back and re-read them so I stuck with the flow. I did go through and read the synopsis of the previous books again. Well, it turns out I did remember them pretty good just a few minor characters.

it was written with 3 POV Krissa's, Crystal's and Sasha's. I thought Sasha's POV didn't do anything to the book but add this thing that happened and created more book in the process.

I felt it was quite slow and picked up kinda halfway with the story. I will definitely say that the first books were way nicer.

This book was MEH... I am going to finish the series though since I bought the rest of the books.

I hate characters that they brood over their lives and blah to blah the usual tortured hero.

Anyway, would I suggest this book? maybe? it depends if you read the first 3 and you thought yeah I loved it then yeah try it out otherwise don't bother. Or wait for till I finished the whole series and tell you if it's worth investing in the last 3 books!

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Dragon School: First Flight (Dragon School #1) by Sarah K.L. Wilson Book Review

Hello, Bookworms,

I have been reading scary books and very depressing book lately and I thought to myself I need a break my friends and this book came up in search and I was like why not, very rare you could go wrong with dragons!

This book surprised me at how good it was.

First of all, I would like to say finally a female lead that is not perfect!
I was sick of all the female character I read to be these beautiful creatures with all the powers and be awesome at everything. So when I got introduced to Amel( character lead) I was pumped because she had a big disadvantage going into dragon school one of her legs wasn't working and riding a dragon you need both! Because of that, I was so intrigued how the story would go! Like obviously the dragons were awesome because each color had their own meaning and the whole situation was hectic... I am writing this review after reading the four books so more coming this way. I don't want to say too much because ruining the book is no fun.…

The Bourbon Kings (The Bourbon Kings #1) by J.R. Ward

This is a different J. R. WARD I got used the world of the black dagger brotherhood and suddenly I read a book that is so different that is refreshing. If you like soap operas then YES PLEASE READ THIS! ( YES I AM YELLING)  it was that good. I am a fan of drama series and generally without drama life is boring! of course, this book doesn't disappoint. We have a few different points of view and for some might be distressing Ward excelled it in it. It didn't feel tiresome and put a new dimension into the story. 
I mean this book is a new Dynasty but better! Oh, the drama! and the story is so interesting. I got so attached to this story that I felt sad and angry and all the feels. 
It is a very different story from her fantasy novels but worth to venture into that territory if you love drama, love, and richness with great compelling characters. 
here is the book, book-gang  The Bourbon Kings

Single Dad's Cabin: A Mountain Man Romance by Lara Swann Book Review

Hello Bookworms,  I don't want to claim myself as a romantic excerpt but I read enough books to say that I know what I am talking about.  I was tricked by a newsletter and I bought this book. They tempted me and I couldn't resist. I went thinking it would be a new adult but it was a romance. 
Fist of all the burning question did I like it?
It was actually good. I did like the way it was set and how the story progressed. It was a slow burning book for the first half and then picked up the pace, of course, you can't have a romance novel without the drama as well. The drama was there, ladies or gents and it was spicy. 
Well, I do recommend this book and for those that are asking did it have spicy scenes?  Just a couple and it was very Kosher so you would get more of a romance novel.
I have some questions for you guys it would be awesome if you answered them it will help me advance here and give you something more  The questions
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