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Single Dad's Cabin: A Mountain Man Romance by Lara Swann Book Review

Hello Bookworms, 
I don't want to claim myself as a romantic excerpt but I read enough books to say that I know what I am talking about. 
I was tricked by a newsletter and I bought this book. They tempted me and I couldn't resist. I went thinking it would be a new adult but it was a romance. 

Fist of all the burning question did I like it?


It was actually good. I did like the way it was set and how the story progressed. It was a slow burning book for the first half and then picked up the pace, of course, you can't have a romance novel without the drama as well. The drama was there, ladies or gents and it was spicy. 

Well, I do recommend this book and for those that are asking did it have spicy scenes? 
Just a couple and it was very Kosher so you would get more of a romance novel.

I have some questions for you guys it would be awesome if you answered them it will help me advance here and give you something more 

Quick Cents:


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