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The Darkening (The Darkening, #1) by E.H. James Book Review

Hello, Bookworms,

By now if you follow my reviews you'll know that I enjoy reading from this author! We teamed up again and I received another arc copy to read.

Well, I went there thinking that is gonna be so scary that I am gonna shit my pants but I was wrong. 

Not a bad thing! Lately, I am going to books thinking they are a specific genre an I am so wrong each time but surprised for the best. 
Anyway, let's get back to the review. So, first of all, I loved the characters and how slowly they got introduced and then the relationship between the two main characters I found refreshing to see the characters banter and play with a serious situation.

Also, this book felt like it was an episode of twilight which again I found very interesting. I love paranormal situations and the way the author delivered was awesome! I want to talk about the ending but if I do I will ruin the book so all I have to say is the time loop and the way it was presented was great!

Love the short story and I would totally recommend it!

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