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The Librarian's Vampire Assistant (The Librarian's Vampire Assistant #1) by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Book Review

Hello, Bookworms, 

I am here yet again with another book review! 
You may ask how did I discover this book, well I got roped in by a Facebook ad. 
Can you believe it? I became a victim of Facebook ads now. 

Anyway, Let's get to the review! 
First of all, I bought this book because I thought it was a romance but as I said before in my previous post I keep going into books thinking it's something else and the book is always like

and I am oh ok I think this better than I thought!
So the main theme of the book is suspense/mystery. Which is excellent. I thought the book was refreshing because in all ridicules of this books it actually made sense. I thought also this book was hilarious. It is rare to read a book and give you chuckles. Writing about it makes me want to laugh. The comedy aspect of the book is great in fact it put a lot of dimension into it. The characters were entertaining but I loved the different characters and for once our main character is a man! 
How great is that! 
I would totally recommend this book because not only it's funny but the story is a fun mystery. 
here is the book:

here is a great offer as well!


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