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Frost's Winter Wonderland by Danna Anne Book Review 1 minute read

They way I would describe this book is hot quick steamy
When I read this book it felt like a one night stand, in a good way of course not walk of shame :P  It's a quick read with hot sexy scenes and funny moments.  I would recommend it if you are new to New adult and want to read something quick without committing to a bigger book. 

True Witch (Amber Lee #1) by Katerina Martinez Book Review

Hi Y'all,
well, I have a book buying problem, especially when the title contains "witch" I am always like "gahhhh I have to buy it!!!!"  Till I got a ban from buying books till I read my TBR pile so obviously this book was on my TBR pile! 
This book is remastered and changed to fit the series as I understand it is also a debut novel. 
To be honest I didn't expect too much of it! Surprisingly though it was not too bad.  It had a lot of elements romance, friendship, magick which is good, but I felt the focus was more of romance ( it had a few sex scenes which I am always heck yeah!!!) I would want more evolvement to magical things. I mean I read a lot of witch novels so I am always comparing.  This books not too bad for a debut novel. It got me hooked and the story for appealing I just wanted more of it.  So hopefully the second book gives us more of a back story of what a "true witch" is.
read it or not (affiliate link ) I would keep posting revie…

Legal: An MFM Menage Romance by Kara Owen ARC Book Review 1 minute read

I have read many new adult books some good some not so good but this one I found surprisingly good. I loved the build up in their relationship it made the sexy scenes even hotter when they happened! I would love more of the sexy scenes though. It was 80% build up and the rest you know. Saying that though it was nice to actually get involved with the story rather than bam, yam end. So, if you like a story with hotness then the book is for you!

There is the book for ya!

Rule Me Dirty: A Royal Bad Boy Romance by Parker Grey Book Review

"I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of this book."

Parker Grey has a new book and I am like yussss, I want to be ruled dirty!

I loved this book, it didn't feel like 200 something pages. I blinked and it was gone. Such a sexy/romantic read. Ladies read this sexy book I know you want it. Note this story reminded of beauty and the beast a little so double bonus for the fans.

After a hard day of work, you just need to melt away with these characters!

here is the book Rule me dirty

Almost Midnight (Shadow Falls: After Dark #3.5) by C.C. Hunter Book Review

Hi Y'all,
I know I have been lost, but I am lost in many universes from the books I am reading! 
Well, I loved this universe. I loved the collection of shadow falls novellas. I loved that teach story had a different character with a different perspective. If you haven't read the other books it's fine because I felt that this particular book was like origins stories. Like introductory to the shadow falls universe. 
The characters were nicely introduced through the book and their stories were interesting and made me want to read more. 
I totally recommend this book, because you get a taste of what the series is about! 
here is the link for the book Almost Midnight

Vegan with a Vengeance CookBook Review

Hi Y'all
A little different review, but I thought it is upon me to do this review.
I am a person that buys cookbooks all the time especially vegan ones.  Am I vegan?  NO, but I am a vegetarian. So going vegan is not an issue for me.
Like you might think how would I review this book? Well, it is simple I put simple rules before I did this review. So I know it's successful or not.
Well, I would eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner from this book for a week. I am not allowed to eat any takeaways. and it would be completely vegan week. how expensive it is. the practicality of a busy person cooking them.
Firstly I should say I spend 100nz dollars for a week. Saying that I soon discovered that the recipes I was cooking were more that one portion. So, therefore, I would say the haul of shopping was more for 2 weeks. So it passed the money test.
Some recipes took me longer to cook, but as I said the portions were for 4 to 5 people. So yes it might take you longer to cook them but won'…
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