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Moon Magic (Clearwater Witches #4) by Madeline Freeman Book Review

I remember reading the first 3 books and really liking it. I also stopped because I felt the story could have ended there which sort of did. But after a few months, I wanted to read a witchy novel so I went and bought the fourth installment of the series. 

I was so confused when reading this book. I couldn't remember and I couldn't connect the new characters from the previous books. I so didn't want to go back and re-read them so I stuck with the flow. I did go through and read the synopsis of the previous books again. Well, it turns out I did remember them pretty good just a few minor characters.

it was written with 3 POV Krissa's, Crystal's and Sasha's. I thought Sasha's POV didn't do anything to the book but add this thing that happened and created more book in the process.

I felt it was quite slow and picked up kinda halfway with the story. I will definitely say that the first books were way nicer.

This book was MEH... I am going to finish the seri…

Scandalous (Sinners of Saint #3) by L.J. Shen Book Review

Hi, Y'all,
So I read the first of Vicious and loved the book so much and then I got a newsletter from my amazon about this book. I was like don't do it, don't buy you have no money. Yeah, that didn't work. 
This book follows the same principle with the first one "love-hate relationship".
This book was epic, frustrating and infuriating because the characters were even better constructed from the first one. 
I felt I was watching a soap opera and when the happy ending reaching you got the slap and it was like really!!!! Come on!!!!
If I wake up early in the morning before work to read a book that means it is good!  so I am telling you it's good.

The Fifth Floor by E.H. James Book Review

I love this kind of books. This author is awesome. Who has time to see a horror/thriller story?
This book is perfect when you want to read something ghostly and not spend hours or even days to them. The book reminded me of urban legends we heard when we are kids... or have a haunted place in your town and everyone has been talking about it! 
This book took me down to memory lane with those kinds of stories and the way it's written it's like you are there experiencing it yourself a double bonus, my friends. I wouldn't hesitate to tell you to go ahead and read this short story you won't regret it! 
Here is the link to the book (affiliate) PS. I got the book from the author for an honest review! Getting books from authors does not influence my opinion at all. 

Fire in Frost (Crystal Frost #1) by Alicia Rades Book Review

I read so many fantasy books that I am very picky like you better be good book otherwise you goin' down.
This book was Meh. I did enjoy it, but would I read the other books?Nope. I felt it was very slow paced. The story was lacking excitement.  Usually, fantasy books have more a Bang to them that didn't.  I wanted her powers bigger and more drama to the book then I would suggest it. you guys can read for yourself or not buy it.  It's free anyway :)

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