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It's Vishous time to fall in love! When I said that I would take a break it lasted like two days. So here I am writing a review about it. So, I have to say I felt very stressed about the book because Vishous is one of my favorites characters.  I was expecting this book to be more gay, but it was very straight. Which was ok. It would be more interesting if it was. 
What really made me throw my book of the wall was the freaking Scribe Virgin. What a bitch. You will see what I am talking about when you read it. Because you have to read it. 
You got to read it! 


You become undone with them as well.
yes, yes it is another vampire novel. If I am not mistaken is the last one from the series as well.
As I said before this kind of novels serve the purpose of passing your time and not feel lonely in this life. Jokes! Everyone can read it. 
Anyway, the good about this book was the build up( in the sexy scenes and the story line of course)
If you are not over the vampire movement then go ahead and read it; it is fun, sexy, gruesome scenes and it's the last book.  If you haven't read the first one you can grab it from amazon it is free Awakened (Vampire Awakenings, Book 1) and get the feel of the series. If you already are reading the books then do not miss out on the last one; it is not that expensive this is a good ending. 


I have read yet another vampire novel, yes I am obsessed and no I am not sick of them yet. This is the fourth in the series. Ian's struggling with sex addiction( I call that), but when he meets his mate forgets his problems.
Tell me, how do you forget or you don't have the urge to anymore to do them. Is love that powerful?
Do no answer that!
Anyway in this book we have some new characters jumping in, which is good. Because you bring new spice into the mix.  The book is good to warm your empty afternoons or holidays or every day. Whatever you choose to do in your free time. 
So read it! It's worth it. 


So the story continues with Butch being all human and moping around for Marissa. Until the tables turn and something took hold of butch and the brotherhoods trying to solve the problem. So this book was boring at the beginning, but as soon as events start happening the book spiced up. At this point, I am reading one book after the other and I feel like all of them mushed together. It is like one big epic novel.
Worth reading; space yourselves do not do what I am doing. It's a little obsessive.  I will be taking a break from the series because I want to pace myself and enjoy them rather reading them for the sake of reading.
So if you like romance, vampires, supernatural then you should read it.


Holy shit and Holy fuck. Yes, the shit and the fuck became holy in this book.
The story is amazing, it surprised me because it was so much more than a love story. Zhadist was damaged because of his past and he tried to stay away from Bella so he wouldn't harm her. This book explains a lot from his past and it's good because you get more sucked in the story. If you look at it in a more broad way this is an adaptation of beauty and the beast. But hey, this book made me be on my feet and my skin was tight from anticipation. And then it ended and I was like noooooooooooooooooooo.  So read it, it's far one of my favorite stories so far! It sweet, sexy and smart.


This is the sequel of Dark Lover and I tell you what, holy mother of Moses it was good. It was so good that I finished it in a day. 
Usually sequels they lose their spunk after the first one, but apparently not this series. Love eternal was way better story line.  The love story was different more realistic and learning about the characters helped to get immersed into the novel faster.  The scribe virgin is a bitch by the way. I don't care if she helped them because even when she does, she makes it more difficult for them. Not cool Virgin not cool. So yeah, as you can read I got way too much invested in these series. So read the second book WORTH IT!!!! 


I start reading this book and I was like boring, but I'll give it a shot.
Well, I was wrong! it wasn't that boring after all. It was one of few books that contained vampires and had a story. Seriously, though, I had to pay attention because it had all these different characters introduced and their different "use" in the book. All seem very interesting and the best thing about it is that I will get to know their stories because these series of books doesn't involve one character but moves on and you get to discover more about this world.  If you like romance, vampires, sex, adventure, betrayal you should read it. I did and I thought why is it finishes? how? 


This book is yet another love story much like the first book of the series. Ethan one of the sons of Liam’s and Sera’s fells in love with Emma (human) and of course it’s his mate.

The story unfolds nicely, but as it unfolds it becomes more psychotic. I f you read the previous books and liked them, then read this one as well. 
One thing I want to mention is how different the vampires is in this novel series; they are more humane. 
Anyway, it’s interesting to read all these love stories. The torture they have to go through so they can be together. I don’t think in this day of age people would persist for love. They would choose comfort over love. 
I feel the society has made love redundant and everyone knows how to punish and hurt everyone. SO it’s good to read love stories; to remind us to love and be human. 


This is the sequel of awakened. It takes part twenty-five years later when the children of Liam's and Sera's grow up. They are the stars of the next books. 

It is another yet book finding your "mate". The way I saw it was another version of a romance story.  In this book thought it talks about when you denying to be with your mate and the consequences of that. The book has a lot of build-ups and keeps you on your toes.  Destined is an exciting book with full of romance, action, and sex. It's worth reading. PS. When you love someone why try deny it???? Why do that to yourself?  ha! I know why so people keep reading this damn books!!! that's why! What can I say I am a romantic that loves to reads this cheesy love stories.


Romance readers This is a recipe book. What do I mean about that?  Boy meets girl, girl meets boy.  A girl has bad past, Kaboom love. This is a vampire/ romance/adult novel. I feel like this book is good in a sense, for once, the woman is not abused. Usually, in adult novels, the women are treated like trash and far from equal. In this book, the story is more than sex even though it has adult references.  I would say this is a good novel to read when you are busy because it's a light read and evokes all the feelings.


So, here we go with the fourth book of the series. If anyone read the first three then you will realize that the fourth is the same pattern of the first book.
What I mean about it is that you have to read all three to finish the story. This is a different writer as you can see Aubrey Clark, but you can see the differences in the story layout it’s not the same. I think L J Smith comes to rescues in the end and you can see her style of writing there. Hence the ending of the book. I would like to think that it’s the case. Anyway, the book has more magic in it, more cat fights and plot twist. Which is good. I am taking a break though because I found some interesting books to read and I wanted to enjoy the series rather than just read it and be done with it. I promise I won't take long to go back to them until then you can read them or read the other books I suggest.


This is the second and third book of the series. Originally it meant to finish there and of course, you can stop on number three because the story is resolved. 
The first book left me wondering if it really worth reading the series,  but fear not they are.  Finally, some juice is coming out of it. The circle moves into darker territories and secrets are revealed.  I wasn't reading, I was swallowing the words.  I tell you what if you can go through the first book then the second and third totally worth it. 
Here we have some witchcraft, forbidden love, friendships beeing broken and mended and threats for secrets getting on the surface. I was like noooo, do not fall for this Cassie or noooo do not go there, Cassie. I was fully emerged, into the story.  So read it as a whole one, two and three. I would recommend that you treat the first three books as one because there a lot of things going on and you need to have a fresh memory to understand what's happening.


In New Salem, there is a coven of witches and when cassie arrived the town unfortunate events happen she joins the Circle. 
This book is more mean girls than witchy!  I remember watching the tv show and I was thrilled and one my friends said to me the book is so much better. So, after five years or so I decided that I will read the books. Obviously, since then I have read many books and my taste has advanced. When I say advanced, I mean if is about witches I expect to be witchy and not wait for the last twenty pages to do some spell.  Well, it has the recipe pack for success though:  1. forbidden love 2. mean girls 3. the savior 4. the secret power that is not discovered yet.  I will be reading the whole series because the first book finished abruptly and I need to know what's happening; so I can tell you all if it's worth reading as a complete series. The first book was more like an introduction to the world of New Salem and the Circle. Let's see what the other books has…


When I read the first part of the novel I was like, OH my god that book is amazing. I need to read the second part pronto!

Reading the second one was like, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, damn it, you…. Arg… why? Please, noooo!!!!! 
Yes, Ladies and gentlemen the second book was not amazing, but mind blowing. 
Turns out some characters in the first one misunderstood and in the second book,  you saw the true self. 
If you think that the story of “beauty and the beast” (aka the court of thorns and roses) was complete in the first one YOU WERE WRONG. IN the sequel you see completion, the ultimate completion, like you going to jump up and down completion. 
Yes, I freaking loved it and you going to.
Read it! If you are a fan of love stories with an epic story behind it then it’s a must.
The only down side is that I have to wait for the third one.


So If you are reading this to decide if you want to read this or not then my answer is yes! You got your answer, now my turn to tell you why I think is a good book. Well, I love Beauty and  the beast stories and this is why I started reading this book. The author does not bubble on the contrary she describes everything with an ease and it's like seeing a movie when you read the book. I love the fact that she has strong characters and well thought out. The plot is good because it keeps you on your toes and has plot twists. You expect those plot twists,  but when they happen you just jump up from your seat because although you expected them you didn't at the same time.  There is romance the romantic one, yes you read right romantic. The book is sweet and the story is interesting is not just about love other things get involved. So I will be reading all of the series, I bet there are good as the first one.


This is the sequel of sinful cinderella became the evil queen.

Snow white is a brat and despise  Cinderella because she replaced her mother and killed her father.  Snow plots to destroy Cinders,  hut there few things she realizes during that. She is starting to become the evil queen herself.
The characters change personalities trades during the book and it's nice to see that there more human like and less fairy tale.
The ending kinda sad and happy. The book leads nicely to the begging of a new story not only for the next character  but snow white as well.


I admit I hate Cinderella, like what a terrible princess, but apparently the writer thought the same and wanted to spice up the story.
I like the idea that Cinderella is evil and that she goes to extremes to get beautiful. I admire that in this book there is no true happy ending as well. The evilness backfires and doing that there's the creation of a new character and the beginning of a new story. It makes sense the way it's written. There is this twisted connection that connects one another and it's interesting to see where it led!  So I will be reading the rest of the "twisted" stories of the evil versions. It's a new take on and it's good to have a sickening happy ending.


This book it's set in a world that two kind of humans exists; the normal ones (RED) and the meta-humans (SILVER).
The silver rule the world and the red are working for them. Until they discover a red girl with silver power.  Well, this book it is very political and war like. Of course, to top it up there had to be some kind of love triangle and finish it with Ultimate betrayal a little game of thrones influenced.   I heard so much about this book and finally I am writing the review now. I have to say I excepted to be more spectacular, it didn't blow my mind, but the plot it is interesting in a subtle way  it keeps you want to know what happens with the story. I am glad that the book focuses on the actual rebellion of the red rather than the romantic side. Writers can get carried away; Victoria has done a good job on illustrating the situation between Red and Silver. I will be reading the all of the books, soon you will get part two reviewed.


I always say a good teen witch book can lift your mood up!

Fear no more This book is not just good it's magically captivating.  It's about a teen called Krissa that moves to clearwater were the events of her life unfold as she accepts being a witch.  This book reminded me of other books on a similar content. I felt I was re-reading some other book. I guess using the old "Founding families" excuse to create witches, vampires,werewolves got into my system.  I have read those kinds of books to many times and it's hard for to get impressed with originality.  That does not mean that I didn't enjoy this particular book; on the contrary, it was very entertaining. I loved the way it unfolded the story. It got you hood up even more.  I mean I love witch novels, what there is not to love about!  This book had a bit of everything happening, romance, magic, psychic, tragedy, time travel. So with confidence, I would say read it!


So I finished my first book in the list, and this is my review without spoilers( I will try). Also, I will write the review in more open way and not stick to the traditional way of writing a review.(I hope that’s ok) So my first thought was, Ok let’s give it a shot with this Cinder book. My expectation were low because I thought it would be another Cinderella version. Soon to be proven wrong. Yes, the core of the story was drawn from the classic fairy tale, but the actual story was a lot more. For starters, it;s set in the future and Cinder as a cyborg; how cool is that? The character was strong, and as the story was unfolding it was more captivating. You got to learn Cinder more and understand what was happening. Although it was predictable in some parts the story kept you going. It’s more of an adventure rather than finding love. I love that part because it shows you that not everything is about love. (it has a little romance but not biggy). In overall I enjoyed reading it and I wi…


Hey everyone, So it took that long to read the second book, not because it was difficult English, but because I just didn’t get into to it that much. The story was evolved quite slowly, I excepted more action from Cinders part; I felt I read 300 pages for events of two days which I am pretty sure it was.  None the less right, in the end, it built up the anticipation for the next book. Which I will be reading, but not just yet. I will be giving the series a rest for a little while, maybe it will build my curiosity more. Furthermore, I loved Scarlets (aka little riding hood) character, it gave a back story to it. She was adventurous and hard working and it was nice to see that the female characters in these series are not boring and their main purpose is not a man. Also, the way Marissa Meyer portrayed wolf was intriguing and I wanted to learn more about him. The unexpected, there was romance between scarlet and wolf and it was nice to see the underdog (wolf) play an important role to …


Tatatadan ( dramatic drum roll) Hi everyone, I went to the library and got this book because I thought that the title is so bad that had to be good. Well, I don’t know how to review this! Because I want to write my opinion as woman reading these stories.  So here it goes: First of all, why erotica books have to be insulting to women? Like why the women in those books have to be abused or whored for the men’s benefit? Is this appealing to women? Or is it just me that I feel disgusted? For the sake of it, I read the book because it was the case of the book. The woman in this book was used for a man’s benefit. Of course, there is always this savior that saves her with sex and “affection”. There always sacrifices that both make, but the end is happily ever after. I love reading these kind of books, but I try not read books that mistreat women. In this case, I wanted to finish the book because I felt I had to write about it. So, the first half of the book it’s bad, I wanted to stop readin…


Hi everyone, I haven’t read the “true blood” series or the real name is Sookie Stackhouse novels. So I thought I give it a crack. Yes, I know I am deviating from my original list, but when a book calls to you-you just read it! Well, I have seen the series and everyone has been saying to me how different the books are and has a lot more meaning to them. So I read the first book. In process reading it, I was trying to remember the series and try to link the moments to the tv. I recommend for no one to do this because it’s actually different. The book itself it’s interesting for a vampire novel. The plot was centered by the heroine Sookie which was a simple gal that had mind reading abilities and she was trying to hide them. She meets this mysterious Vampire and they get together because she can find peaceful moments with him because she can’t read his mind. So far so good right? Nope, the novel is actually interesting because a lot of things happen during this time. The fun fact is tha…


So, I read the second book of the series. It took me so long to read it. I didn’t get into the second one. All I could think of is that it was so different from the series. Like the events were the same, but they made the plot so much more in the series. For example, there was more death and orgies in the series and less in the book. The book involved around the Dallas event more than the maenad and the series exactly the opposite. Anyway, I should probably tell you what I thought of the book rather compare the two. The book was very simple, I got bored of the story. If I hadn’t been reading these kind of novels I probably wouldn’t though. The story has some spice into it and was well crafted to lead to you to events. It kept the interest going( if you hadn’t seen the series). Yes, I am coming back to that because when you have seen something totally different and go to the book that’s different then yes you would be thinking the same thing. There were couple good jokes that made me …


I decided to read this because it was the story line of Love and Friendship (movie that’s coming up). Also, Love and friendship is Jane Austen novel; anyway getting back to Lady Suzan. So the story line is that Lady Suzan tries to do an arranged marriage for her daughter. The  style of the book was letters. So basically the descriptions and the dialog's were described in letters. I found that was fun for the first time because the characters were well thought and funny. I laughed a lot and was hooked up. I never thought that Jane Austen would be so funny, intelligent writer. I totally recommend this book, is only 80 pages long; story line complete and funny. I will be reading more Jane Austen, I feel the way she wrote all her novels reflect completely the time she was living. If that’s the truth the definitely they had sense of humour.


Entwined with you by Sylvia day Eva past comes knocking on the door! One of her past lovers Brett has written a song called dGolden and now he releases the video clip. You can see all the intimate moments they had together! Eva is in shock while trying to bridge the relationship with Gideon in public. The third book comes with hiding, secrets, and more sex. Surprise surprise! I keep reading these books because the relationship is not resolved and because 3 books later is like two weeks, come on don’t have time to move a little faster? or the events something. Sylvia, you are killing me! I need to know the end people! They have so many problems that us common people seem saints in relationships! Anyway, I dare you to finish them with me and then tell me what you thou

Reflected in you (#2 Crossfire) by Sylvia day

Reflected in you by Sylvia day Reflected in you is the second novel of the crossfire series, where we see the past of Eva following her and everyone tries to keep her safe, but who will win? ( ha now got your attention didn’t I? NO SPOILERS, though) In this book, secrets keep piling up.Will Eva and Gideon survive? My answer is yes, the sex is powerful and since they are completely hooked with each other this is the only way. We see how far they can go for love especially Gideon goes on extreme to save Eva. Will they overcome the difficulties? The answer is yes there 5 books with these two! Come on, it’s no brainer. Anyway in this book you will see sex, sex, sex, and more secrets. The plot becomes a little more “complicated”, so it’s worth reading to see how the “relationship” is going. Ps. This book is simple nothing special; if you are on holidays or you want to read a no brainer is perfect!


Hello again, you much have missed my beautiful reviews! I have read like 4 books and I haven’t been writing shame on me!!! So I begin again with an erotic novel! “Bared to you” is the starting novel of five! The story is pretty standard tremendous sexual tension with personal problems.  This novel though I like! Because the problems come from the woman mainly or should I say both equally, but Sylvia Day focuses on the female character more rather the man. This novel though I like! Because the problems come from the woman mainly or should I say both equally, but Sylvia Day focuses on the female character more rather the man. I enjoyed the sex scenes because I felt they were well written, but in this novel they use sex to solve problems! Of course, you going to tell me : “Elektra you are reading erotic novel” I know for once though I want to read one that has more substance. Bared to you, gives you more details about their “problems” and hooks you up! I am reading the novel now because…


Did you miss me? I sure did miss you guys and girls!! I come back again with another review. I picked this book because it was free in Kiddle store and since I am broke and I wanted to deviate from my list again I thought I should ready someone new! This book is about real-life “Sleeping beauty”, but the catch is that she has KLS (sleeping disease)  it only gets worst by the day. In the sleep state, she dreams which is unusual for this kind of illness. She meets a boy in the meantime and she tries to help him. Well, I tell you the book kept me in suspense, but at the same time, I got a little agitated because it took so long to get to a resolution. I guess it’s a good thing. I wanted the story to progress faster than it did. So I don’t know if I am going to read the rest of the books! and see what happens with her illness and the boy. I probably will, but not at this moment.  It’s an easy read so go ahead and try it out.
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