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Giant Kindle Book Haul - Part 2

Moon Magic (Clearwater Witches #4) by Madeline Freeman Book Review

I remember reading the first 3 books and really liking it. I also stopped because I felt the story could have ended there which sort of did. But after a few months, I wanted to read a witchy novel so I went and bought the fourth installment of the series. 

I was so confused when reading this book. I couldn't remember and I couldn't connect the new characters from the previous books. I so didn't want to go back and re-read them so I stuck with the flow. I did go through and read the synopsis of the previous books again. Well, it turns out I did remember them pretty good just a few minor characters.

it was written with 3 POV Krissa's, Crystal's and Sasha's. I thought Sasha's POV didn't do anything to the book but add this thing that happened and created more book in the process.

I felt it was quite slow and picked up kinda halfway with the story. I will definitely say that the first books were way nicer.

This book was MEH... I am going to finish the seri…

Scandalous (Sinners of Saint #3) by L.J. Shen Book Review

Hi, Y'all,
So I read the first of Vicious and loved the book so much and then I got a newsletter from my amazon about this book. I was like don't do it, don't buy you have no money. Yeah, that didn't work. 
This book follows the same principle with the first one "love-hate relationship".
This book was epic, frustrating and infuriating because the characters were even better constructed from the first one. 
I felt I was watching a soap opera and when the happy ending reaching you got the slap and it was like really!!!! Come on!!!!
If I wake up early in the morning before work to read a book that means it is good!  so I am telling you it's good.

The Fifth Floor by E.H. James Book Review

I love this kind of books. This author is awesome. Who has time to see a horror/thriller story?
This book is perfect when you want to read something ghostly and not spend hours or even days to them. The book reminded me of urban legends we heard when we are kids... or have a haunted place in your town and everyone has been talking about it! 
This book took me down to memory lane with those kinds of stories and the way it's written it's like you are there experiencing it yourself a double bonus, my friends. I wouldn't hesitate to tell you to go ahead and read this short story you won't regret it! 
Here is the link to the book (affiliate) PS. I got the book from the author for an honest review! Getting books from authors does not influence my opinion at all. 

Fire in Frost (Crystal Frost #1) by Alicia Rades Book Review

I read so many fantasy books that I am very picky like you better be good book otherwise you goin' down.
This book was Meh. I did enjoy it, but would I read the other books?Nope. I felt it was very slow paced. The story was lacking excitement.  Usually, fantasy books have more a Bang to them that didn't.  I wanted her powers bigger and more drama to the book then I would suggest it. you guys can read for yourself or not buy it.  It's free anyway :)

Immortal Magic (The Hybrid Trilogy #2) by G.K. DeRosa Book Review

Hi Y'all
I got an ARC copy of this book, I mean I was to the author, me, me, me, me, me, me 
yup, I totally fanned girled to the author. 
Like I do not want to wait for the second book I want to read it now!!!!
Obviously, she sends me one and I wasn't disappointed.
I love a strong female character. Yes, we do need more kick-ass heroines in books because it is not fun to read about women that are hopeless.  This book is bloody awesome if you have read the first the second one doesn't disappoint. 
I love Aria that she doesn't give up and does anything in her power to be strong and independent. I have to say one thing, she needs to be with Damian not with Nico. Yes, my alliances are obvious. 
Read it! I won't go into detail cause I do not want to spoil this awesome book. 

Here is the book

Roar (Stormheart #1) by Cora Carmack Book Review

Yes, I have caved and read the book! I got it on a subscription box from Fairyloot. Alright, let's get into the review! 

Well, I didn't like it that much! I almost DNF it in the first 60 pages, but for the sake of my readers, I powered through it.  Let's start with the idea of the story : The idea was awesome like it was the reason I wanted to read this book, but why would you focus on the romance side?
I get it Young Adult has some romance into it, but this romance was plain wrong. It was dodgy people. I won't get into that because I spent days writing. 
It had like 4 points of perspective like did the author run out to write things and was switching all the time?
It was confusing and took away from the story. I wish the world building was more elaborate.  The story was slow because they were focusing on the romance side, get to the action. 
Above all, I hate weak female leading characters, especially when the actual writer is a woman. Like come on can we get a stron…

Djinn's Desire: A Mates for Monsters Novella by Tamsin Ley Book Review

Ya know after buying the merman kiss I thought what the hell lets read all of her books!  This book wasn't monstery enough. When you set the bar high better keep it up. None the less this book doesn't disappoint either so a good romance story with sexy scenes doesn't fail ever. 
I am loving her books it's something about them that makes it humane? Although it has a lot of fantasy in it. So this book was like yuss you go girl so him who's the boss.  ( you know what I mean when you read it) It was satisfying guys the book; not only n the romance perspective but story wise. 
here is the book:

Magick Reborn (Blood And Magick #1) by Katerina Martinez Book Review

Hello Bookworms,
So I read this book quite a while ago and I remember most of it so it must be an interesting book for me to remember!  So story 🙌✔ Plot 🙌✔ Characters 🙌✔
So the book was good, it had some interesting points through the book and the story was captivating, but ya guys it's 3 books and I didn't get inspired picking up the second book! I felt the story kinda ended in the first book. Like the resolution was done and the next one is another chapter which I didn;t feel like reading. So there you go read the first one and then decide if you wanna continue. 

Returning: A Water Novella (Elemental Origins 0.5) by A.L. Knorr Book Review

Obviously for me to go into a prequel the author must be good! Yuss she is.  So this book is about the mother of Traga and how she got together with her father. It's two books and I gotta say that it's interesting to see a story like that in a different perspective like in a mermaid perspective. I enjoyed the first book so yeah I am going to the second book.  If you read the first book and liked it then you better pick this one up it's doesn't fail you.
here is the book for ya just to make it easy :)

Laura by E.H. James Book Review

Disclaimer :
"I got a free copy of this book to do an honest review. So this is my true opinion of the book. Getting a free book doesn't influence my opinion for it. "

I am always skeptical when I read short stories, because if they are not written nicely then you left wondering why they even tried. To write a short story and capture the reader takes a great skill.
Well, E.H.James did the trick for me.

The story was captivating and left me wanting more. This story is one of those urban legends that you know it might have happened and then you experience it and you like I knew it! The only thing I wish about this short story is that needed to be longer dah! I want to know what happens next! I love a good ghost story.

You know the deal here's the book check it out! Worth it!

Born of Water (Elemental Origins #1) by A.L. Knorr Book Review

This book was unexpected in a good way. I picked it up and I started reading and I thought hmmm this is boring!!!!!!!! Boiiiii, Boiiii was I wrong. 
It was a bit slow at the beginning but picked up fairly quickly as soon as the "plot" or "transformation" happened. What I loved about the book was the writing. I loved the description of under the water and being a mermaid. It was super duper awesome. 
The story it self-was excellent. It left me wanting to read more about the main character which for me it's always is a good sign.  
So ya guys you need to read this so we fun girl or boy about it. 

The Merman's Kiss (Mates for Monsters #1) by Tamsin Ley Book Review

You know I came across this book so many times on my Kindle store, but never bought till the day had come to get influenced by group I am in and I bought it! 
I didn't expect that this book was going to be so good! Like it was weird as hell especially the sex scenes but definitely hot. If you think this book is weird by its description then do not worry it doesn't let you down! ha! Honestly, read it because it is a different kind of setting and its cool as the ocean.

Overall I did enjoy it. I would highly recommend it!

Here is the link

Sold: An MFMM Menage Romance by Kara Owen Book Review

When I received this book I was like yusss I am in the mood to read New Adult. I was surprised at first wait three men? Woohoo, that is going to be interesting.  Well, it is a short story, so do not except the biggest plot! I read it like in couple hours? Like the first scene of the book had me blushing and saying OH MA GAHD. This book wasn't a bad read the only thing I would say it gimme more Woman don't leave hanging like that!  I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Here is the book( it's cheap right go ahead buy it) 

When In Rome...Lose Control (When In Rome) by Lena Mae Hill Book Review

I willingly received a copy of this book from the author or publisher in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my thoughts and opinion of this book.

I do not usually read young adult contemporary romance. In this case, I received an email from this author if I wanted to go on her reviewer list and I was like YUSSSS ...  So I received this book and a two more to review I lost the sequence I wasn't sure which one was supposed to go first so here I am doing whatever I think is in the correct order. 
Reading this book made me feel like a bloody teenager again. The writing was spot on with the characters I was transported to Rome with them. I mean at some point I wanted to kill the main character because she bothered me so much, but I took a step back thought how paranoid I was and what stupid things I have done in that age! 
After accepting that she is annoying as hell you actually accept the character as is.  I enjoyed the book not only for the story but the character …

A Moment for Tara (Prime Prophecy 0.5) by Tamar Sloan Book Review

Cheesy werewolf story without werewolf action?
This book is an introduction to the series? I felt it was lacking character development and action. I felt it was really rushed the focus was on her relationship with her "love interest" and how her father's pack work, but the book didn't give me enough of a story or something get hooked on. I was a little bored. 
I am sorry, the characters were lacking, the story didn't develope enough for us to get immersed into the universe. It was meh!  You can try it it's free! 

Magic Bound (The Hybrid Trilogy #1) by G.K. DeRosa Book Review

You all know by now that I love witchy books! I am on a witch hunt :P ( books obviously)  When I bought this book  I didn't expect to be so paranormal? It was a good suprise it started slowly and then as it went you were just sucked in the story! I mean it had vampires, werewolves, werebears, witches fairies whats, not to like?
It had all kind of supernaturals in it! I loved the story and the characters although some of them were a little predictable. If you like those sort of stuff I would totally suggest this book because it had all the elements you need in a book with supernaturals! 
I'll stop because I'll spoil something and we wouldn't want that! 
here is the book! (affiliate link) 

Frost's Winter Wonderland by Danna Anne Book Review 1 minute read

They way I would describe this book is hot quick steamy
When I read this book it felt like a one night stand, in a good way of course not walk of shame :P  It's a quick read with hot sexy scenes and funny moments.  I would recommend it if you are new to New adult and want to read something quick without committing to a bigger book. 

True Witch (Amber Lee #1) by Katerina Martinez Book Review

Hi Y'all,
well, I have a book buying problem, especially when the title contains "witch" I am always like "gahhhh I have to buy it!!!!"  Till I got a ban from buying books till I read my TBR pile so obviously this book was on my TBR pile! 
This book is remastered and changed to fit the series as I understand it is also a debut novel. 
To be honest I didn't expect too much of it! Surprisingly though it was not too bad.  It had a lot of elements romance, friendship, magick which is good, but I felt the focus was more of romance ( it had a few sex scenes which I am always heck yeah!!!) I would want more evolvement to magical things. I mean I read a lot of witch novels so I am always comparing.  This books not too bad for a debut novel. It got me hooked and the story for appealing I just wanted more of it.  So hopefully the second book gives us more of a back story of what a "true witch" is.
read it or not (affiliate link ) I would keep posting revie…

Legal: An MFM Menage Romance by Kara Owen ARC Book Review 1 minute read

I have read many new adult books some good some not so good but this one I found surprisingly good. I loved the build up in their relationship it made the sexy scenes even hotter when they happened! I would love more of the sexy scenes though. It was 80% build up and the rest you know. Saying that though it was nice to actually get involved with the story rather than bam, yam end. So, if you like a story with hotness then the book is for you!

There is the book for ya!

Rule Me Dirty: A Royal Bad Boy Romance by Parker Grey Book Review

"I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of this book."

Parker Grey has a new book and I am like yussss, I want to be ruled dirty!

I loved this book, it didn't feel like 200 something pages. I blinked and it was gone. Such a sexy/romantic read. Ladies read this sexy book I know you want it. Note this story reminded of beauty and the beast a little so double bonus for the fans.

After a hard day of work, you just need to melt away with these characters!

here is the book Rule me dirty

Almost Midnight (Shadow Falls: After Dark #3.5) by C.C. Hunter Book Review

Hi Y'all,
I know I have been lost, but I am lost in many universes from the books I am reading! 
Well, I loved this universe. I loved the collection of shadow falls novellas. I loved that teach story had a different character with a different perspective. If you haven't read the other books it's fine because I felt that this particular book was like origins stories. Like introductory to the shadow falls universe. 
The characters were nicely introduced through the book and their stories were interesting and made me want to read more. 
I totally recommend this book, because you get a taste of what the series is about! 
here is the link for the book Almost Midnight

Vegan with a Vengeance CookBook Review

Hi Y'all
A little different review, but I thought it is upon me to do this review.
I am a person that buys cookbooks all the time especially vegan ones.  Am I vegan?  NO, but I am a vegetarian. So going vegan is not an issue for me.
Like you might think how would I review this book? Well, it is simple I put simple rules before I did this review. So I know it's successful or not.
Well, I would eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner from this book for a week. I am not allowed to eat any takeaways. and it would be completely vegan week. how expensive it is. the practicality of a busy person cooking them.
Firstly I should say I spend 100nz dollars for a week. Saying that I soon discovered that the recipes I was cooking were more that one portion. So, therefore, I would say the haul of shopping was more for 2 weeks. So it passed the money test.
Some recipes took me longer to cook, but as I said the portions were for 4 to 5 people. So yes it might take you longer to cook them but won'…

A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses #3) by Sarah J. Maas Book Review

Hi Y'all,
I was waiting for this book since August. The end of ACOMAF made me bleed from the inside and I had to wait for half a year. Now that I have read it I am sad because the story has ended. 
It is a spoiler-free review so I am going to try not spoil anything.
I never giggled and cried so much in my life. The book was full of emotions and action.
I do not like was kinda books or movies, but this book is the exception. 
The characters developed even more and we got to read a little more about them and get emersed in their wonderful stories. The dialogue was witty and engaging. The 3 parts of the books were amazing.
I mean I can't say too much otherwise I am going to spill some spoilers.  I think my favorite part was the beginning of the book and the war part.
I loved the war because the way it was written I felt I was in there but not as a character but as a camera. I know weird, but the writing was so cinematic it was hard not imagine as a billion multi-production.
So I…

Will Game for Cookies (For the Win #1) by Allyson Lindt Book Review

Hi Y'all,
So I do pretty positive reviews normally, but today is not the case.
Well, the book made feel accomptable because of the characters and not the sexy scenes. 
For me when an author introduces guild or doing things to get back at people makes me feel awkward.
The story line was different from normal new adult books, but to be honest didn't do it for me. 
Only because I didn't feel good reading it. 
You might like it I don't know. You can give it a try,

Quick Trick (Rough Riders Hockey #1) by Skye Jordan Book Review

Hi Y'all,

To be honest I bought this book because of the cover!

Yup, I did, like look at that guy! and the I looked at the title and then it was a double yes!!!

Well, this book surprised me for the best!
It is a romance novel so you will get that predominantly. I love in a romance novel when the girl is a strong female character and doesn't fall for the guy straight away.

This book was like watching a very cute chick flick!
I mean I love those so I relly enjoyed the book.

I would recommend the book if you love romance because that book gives that !

Filthy Flirt: An Office Romance by Chloe Lane Book Review

Hi Y'all
I have to say I love her books not only they are positively hot, full of romance and happy endings.
Don't we all love to watch lawyer tv series that they get to do their magic and have some spark? Well, this is the book has all of that plus the spark is melting hot!!
I enjoy new adult books that are written in a sweet way that doesn't make you feel weird. This book got me immersed into their romance.
I do recommend it if you are into those books. It fast, easy, cheesy and hot with sexy scenes. 

Twice Taken: An MFM Romance by Chloe Lane Book Review

I have read her book before and I always planned to do a review on them, but always forgot it. Well, I am starting with this New Adult book. 

Chloe Lane does a good job depicting this sexy MFM novel. It has a lot of sexy scenes and every day loving moments that makes the novel more precious and sweet. There is some suspense as well which is always a nice aspect of putting in a novel.

I would definitely recommend it! It is an easy read with lots of bedroom action if you ar into this then go ahead and get this book. 

I volunteered to read an ARC

The Beast Within: A Tale of Beauty's Prince (Villains) by Serena Valentino

I love the beauty and the beast story ...

I went to this book thinking it would be cool to see behind the scenes with the beast, but I am sorry to say this I was disappointed. The story was lacking some juice, it was too dry...

I mean 60% of the book was the beast complaining about everything and I think that he got cursed for no reason... Like seriously back then no one really got married for love but for money and power.

Those witches were mean for no reason!

I wouldn't suggest the book to anyone, but if you are like me that read it out of curiously go ahead read it. Do not go through thinking it's a good book.

Ride Me Dirty by Parker Grey

Cowboys are hot! Especially with the description, Parker Grey gives. (Don't look the cover get your own feel for the character)

You know guys by now that I like her books so I wouldn't suggest otherwise. Except if the book was meh, then I definitely would say don't read it.

In this case was hot, steamy and had a happily ever after.

I mean hot cowboy you wouldn't say no, would you?

I know I wouldn't.

So grab your copy and cozy up for the holidays with this steamy romance.

Academia of the Beast: A Dark Retelling of Beauty and the Beast by K.N. Lee Book Review

I feel betrayed, excited, and confused. 

Yup, all those things together, I went into this book thinking it will be a fantasy (which it was, but it was also a bit new adult) Nothing wrong with the above. I was prepared to swept away by this dark retelling, and I was just lifted.
I was expecting more VA VA VOOM. I didn't get any. The story was good; I think it needs some elaboration. The element was there, but not character or world development and when you had it some excitement happening it finished in a paragraph.
So I don't know if I were to suggest it for you guys to read it.

I mean I did pre-order the next book in the series because I needed to see if it's going to be better. It was an easy read, I finished in a day. SO if you are a fun of beauty and the beast then maybe give it a go. Don't except to swept away, just lifted by a light breeze.

Abandoned by Elisa Dane Book Review

I really enjoyed this book. It wasn't the typical YA book. It was little darker and maybe it could have been a reality to someone.

The characters were well put together and the story progressed nicely. It took long to read the book because I wanted to enjoy it and read all the events rather than be a blur.

The heroine was bad-ass , I love strong female characters in books. The things she been through oh my god I felt sorry for her. I was praying with her for someone to save her.

This book got me hooked. I would defiantly recommend it.

Here is the book: (affiliate)

Double Dirty Royals by Parker Grey Book Review

Like who wouldn't like MFM romance with princes!!!  I was like YUSSSSS give some royal sugar... And what sugar! Hmmm like, will turn your fantasies wild. Also, I really liked that this book had some suspense into it not just hot sex. It makes the combination even better. 
You know by now that I love Parker Grey her book are good. So give it a go alone at home with a glass of wine. 
I voluntarily received a review copy of this book for a review.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber Book Review

Hi Y'all,

So when I went and read this book, I had such high expectations. Where they met, though?
Yes and no is the answer, my friends. I got excited about some parts and others I felt that I wanted more. 

Let's talk about the world: I loved the way it was described, in my mind I imagined Venice, with all the water canals and crazy alleys; the book was like that or unlist it felt like it. 
The characters: I wanted something more from them. I felt some were one dimensional and they didn't have a backstory or even strong personality. 
Overall: I would love if the story were more involved than it already is. I felt it needed something more. Maybe more of the story, more adventure. Yes, definitely more adventure and magic. 
I guess I loved the world so much that when the end came, I was disappointed. Hopefully, the second book is going to be more magic and more adventurous. 
Here is the book:(affiliate link)…

Double Dirty Mountain Men by Parker Grey Book Review

Phew Parker Grey has outdone herself. I mean I love her books and this time made my heart melt with these three characters. It takes talent to talk about love triangles without being awkward about it. The Romance was flying off the moon, and when they getting down sexy time was even sexier, hotter than her any previous novels.

Get ready to read a romance novel that is going to make your afternoon warm and a lot more. If you liked any of her books before then you going to love this. Double the sexy, double the romance.

"I voluntarily reviewed a free advance copy of this book."
(Ps. It didn't affect my judgment from getting a free copy, I simply loved it)
  (affiliate link) Here is the book:

School Me Dirty: A College Romance by Parker Grey Book Review

I love when I discover a writer that is spot on with their writing.
I totally fangirl with Parker Grey. Her romance novels are full of spice and a lot of cheese.

She turns fantasies into even bigger ones. Who wouldn't want to fall in love and have an affair with their hot professor. It takes skill to make those taboo relationships to something romantic without leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

I gotta say though peps that the scenes there were whoah, like hot rain falling down your cheeks.
It's an easy read that will warm up your afternoon or night or day whenever you want t read it.
Here is my affiliate link if you guys want to buy it. I get a small percent to of that. It would really help if you used my link. Thanks

Awakening (Sweep #5) by Cate Tiernan Book Review

Hi Y'all,
I know I should have written here earlier I have read the books but decided to read the 5th book in the series and do the review on that instead. (Maybe because I was procrastinating a little). Anyway, in this book we see Morgan trying to get over Cal and the psychotic attack he did on her. Also the real struggle for her power and to come to terms with good and evil. 
I like the series it is like watching a tv show every book is a new episode of the series. Honestly, an easy read that will make your day.

Here is the book:

Boss Me Dirty by Parker Grey Book Review

I am rarely impressed with new adult books, but I will tell you this:

WOW, like WOW this book made me reconsider new adult books like in the best possible way.  When I read this kind of books they leave with and bitter taste, but this particular book was hot, sexy, and had a lot of cheese topped up with romance!

Do I recommend it?

Hell YES! (of course, if you like new adult/ erotica books)

I mean everyone has a fantasy for a secretary and a boss! Everybody thought about it unlist once in their lives well now you will be obsessed with this fantasy.

Here is the book, you can buy if you would like to live this fantasy! or don't
I know what I would do if I was you.

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